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3rd - 4th December 2019
See the spectacular Christmas lights and spend time the following day exploring these beautiful gardens.
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7th - 9th December 2019
A fun time we always have at Young, so we are going to do it again. Young comes alive in late November to early December each year when the cornucopia of the districtís stone fruit first comes into harvest. Well known for itís abundance of cherries, Young celebrates with the annual Cherry Festival, a traditional country event of great merriment and cheer, which is the highlight of the stone fruit season. SOLD OUT WAIT LIST ONLY
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31st Dec 19 - 1st Jan 2020
We have been able to secure a cruise for New Years Eve and we are excited to invites you to join us and see the beautiful Sydney Harbour and the fabulous fireworks, SOLD OUT WAIT LIST ONLY
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23 Nov 2019 School Spectacular - Qudos Bank Arena
27 Nov 2019 School of Rock - Capitol Theatre
30 Nov 2019 Parklea Markets
05 Dec 2019 Peach Day
12 Dec 2019 Christmas Lunch
26 Jan 2020 Australia Day Cruise - Captain Cook Mattilda 3
11 Mar 2020 War Horse - Lyric Theatre
16 May 2020 Menopause the Musical - Capitol Theatre
20 May 2020 9 - 5 The Musical - Lyric Theatre
10 Jun 2020 9 - 5 The Musical - Lyric Theatre

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22nd - 26th January 2020
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HAPPY HOPPERS September to December 2019

1st September to 31st December 2019
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